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@EuMW 2022

From 9/25/2022 to 9/30/2022
Milano, Italy

Discover our latest developments for subTHz, 6G and 5G communications at European Microwave Week (EuMW), the most important conference on milimeter and radio frequency communications in Europe

The CEA-Leti is in the technical program committee of the EuMC Microwave Circuit conference, and member of the technical committee of the IEEE MTT Microwave Technical Transition: from component to system for RF, millimeter & microwave communications.

CEA-Leti will participate in two workshops  in room Amber 5:

📌On Monday 26th, as part of the European Microwave Conference (EuMC) and the workshop WM2: "Cryogenic RF-mmW Technology and circuit platforms: a path toward Quantum-Computing", Maud Vinet will talk about "Spin Qubit Quantum computing and needed readout electronics"

📌On Sunday 25th, as part of the European Microwave Integrated Circuits Conference (EuMIC) and the workshop WS5: "RF and mmW reliable ICs: characterization, test and security challenges", José Lugo will talk about RF characterization of active and passive devices integrated in advanced CMOS technology

CEA-Leti scientists will also present papers and poster on innovative passive and active circuits for 5G sub-6 GHz communications:

  • On Monday, 26th at 02:40 p.m. – Amber 2 (EuMIC06-2): "a 2.5-2.6 dB Noise Figure LNA for 39 GHz band in 22 nm FD-SOI with Back-Gate Bias Tunability"

  • On Tuesday 27th at 03:40 p.m. – Suite 2 (EuMIC/EuMC03-4): "a D-Band High-Gain Antenna Module Combining an In-Package Active Feed and a Flat Discrete Lens"

  • On Wednesday 28th at 02:40 p.m. – Amber 4 (EuMC26-2): "BAW Filter for space applications at 4.2 GHz"

  • And a poster on Tuesday 27th at 04:40 p.m. – Exhibition Hall (EuMIC/EuMC04-8) : "E-Band Magneto-Electric Dipole Antenna for 5G Backhauling applications"

Meet Leti's experts on the show floor at booth C32 level 0  to discover:

✅ a 300 GHz compact transmit array antenna,

✅ a prototype of steerable beam controllable transmit array operating at the KA-band,

✅ acoustic filters for C-band satellite communications,

✅ a D-band channel bonding emitter and receiver module integrating an active feed and a transmit array antenna, presented at this year conference.

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