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Published on 22 March 2023

A new generation of 100kW+ electric powertrains for electric and hybrid vehicles

  What is ModulED?

CEA-Leti introduces a new generation of 100kW+ electric powertrains to support the performance and reliability needs of hybrid and electric vehicles, as part of their large-scale deployment. The ModulED (Modular Electric Drive) simultaneously offers high power density, leveraging a compact powertrain that is fully built into the engine block:

  • Energy efficiency is twice as high, and over a wide range of functions.
  • Kinetic energy is directly regenerated into electric energy—engine braking—in the battery, using the powertrain’s bidirectional.


  • Electric vehicle 
  • Hybrid vehicle

  What's new?

To develop ModulED, CEA-Leti researchers relied on:

  • gallium nitride (GaN) wide-bandgap semiconductors with a much
    higher efficiency performance than traditional silicon components;
  • a high-speed synchronous motor in the range of 22,500 rpm
    (compared to 12,000 rpm currently, or BMW i3), resulting in a smaller
    size and improved weight/power ratio;
  • a rotor with an optimized arrangement of magnets injected
    directly into it, reducing the amount of rare earth that is used;
  • next generation transmission for reduced high-speed
    synchronous electric motors;
  • resiliency, thanks to a six-phase structure.


With powers ranging from several hundred watts to hundreds of kW, wide-bandgap technologies (GaN) are adapted to numerous applications, such as electric vehicles, aeronautics, space, converters, multiple chargers, or uninterruptible power supply (UPS, data centers). GaN allows a frequency increase, and consequently, lowers the volume/weight of power converters. 

The spread of electric vehicles is driving exponential volumes, leading to lower costs and to larger-scale deployments of wide-band gaps technologies across all industry and consumer sectors. 

CEA-Leti offers optimal component implementations with customized architectures, leading to several patents.

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