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Published on 23 June 2023




Miniaturized, low-power, high-resolution silicon barometric sensor​

This miniaturized, low-power barometric sensor (< 2 mm2) is manufactured using silicon technology. Designed to operate in pressure environments ranging from one bar to several thousand bars, it is extremely sensitive and measures differences in altitude at a one centimeter level of precision. It is the only such device on the market with a self-test function that guarantees the reliability of its measurements.

The external pressure is calculated by measuring the deformation of a membrane that seals a vacuum chamber. Mechanical limits protect this membrane from breaking in case of excessive pressure. The sensor will work at temperatures up to 150°C..​

What's new?

  • Very high performance in terms of accuracy and resolution: altitude change detected at the one-centimeter level, which can be used in particular to detect if a person falls (using a very low frequency, ultra-low consumption method). 
  • The only barometric sensor on the market with a self-test function (using a decoupled capacitor system). 
  • An extended pressure range, from one bar to several thousand bars, that is easily adaptable according to your needs. 
  • Compatible with high temperatures.​

What's next?
  • ​​Added-value projects currently underway with industrial partners: sensor customization for a pressure range; co-integration with an accelerometer. 
  • Proof of concept can be carried out for a set of sensors created in CEA-Leti clean rooms with production and yield estimates as well. 
  • This technology can be re-used to develop high performance differential sensors (e.g. for measuring flow rate). 
  • Development can be achieved in 12 to 18 months. 
  • Co-integration is possible with several accelerometers on a single silicon component.​


This technology can also be used for various sectors of activity: 

Automobile: tire pressure control, airbag, engine control 

Aeronautics: tire pressure control, engine combustion regulation in relation to altitude 

Medical: fall detector 

Consumer markets: 3D indoor navigation, altimeter, onboard barometer 

Oil exploration and extraction 

Production, storage and distribution of industrial gases 

Monitoring of all types of industrial processes that require precise pressure measurements​​

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