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Publications & ouvrages

Publications & ouvrages

Liste des publications & ouvrages du Leti 

Publié le 2 juin 2020

​Ouvrages publiés par les scientifiques du CEA-Leti 

Olivier SAVRY, Thilas HISCOCK, Mustapha El MAJIHI

François SIMOENS

​Laurent DURAFFOURG and Julien ARCAMONE 

Damien BORDEL and Sylvie MENEZO 
​Edité par Dunod, dans la collection "Technique et Ingénierie".
Cet ouvrage propose un panorama exhaustif des vulnérabilités des équipements (en particulier des processeurs, mais aussi des mémoires, des programmes et des périphériques) qui sont au cœur de nos systèmes...

‘Cameras’ chapter of the ‘Handbook of Terahertz Technologies: Devices and Applications’, edited by Ho-Jin Song & Tadao Nagatsuma, published by CRC Press
​Edited the book “Nanoelectromechanical
Systems” published by ISTE, WILEY, also in French with ISTE editions.

​With a chapter in the «Nanodevices for Photonics and Electronics: Advances and Applications” book published by CRC Press

Liste des publications :

Injection locking at 2f of spin torque oscillators under influence of thermal noise
Tortarolo M., Lacoste B., Hem J., Dieudonné C., Cyrille M.-C., Katine J.A., Mauri D., Zeltser A., Buda-Prejbeanu L.D., Ebels U.
FOUP decontamination solutions to control AMCs in semiconductor fabs: Gas purge or wet cleaning?
González-Aguirre P., Fontaine H., Moon S.I., Beitia C., Lundgren J., Ohlsen J.
Blister formation mechanism during high dose implanted photoresist stripping
Croisy M., Pargon E., Jenny C., Richard C., Guiheux D., Joblot S., Campo A., Possémé N.
Suppression of self-organized surface nanopatterning on GaSb/InAs multilayers induced by low energy oxygen ion bombardment by using simultaneously sample rotation and oxygen flooding
Beainy G., Cerba T., Bassani F., Martin M., Baron T., Barnes J.-P.
Quantitative biological assays with on-chip calibration using versatile architecture and collapsible chambers
Parent C., Boizot F., Cubizolles M., Verplanck N., Achard J.-L., Fouillet Y.
New active formulations against M. tuberculosis: Bedaquiline encapsulation in lipid nanoparticles and chitosan nanocapsules
De Matteis L., Jary D., Lucía A., García-Embid S., Serrano-Sevilla I., Pérez D., Ainsa J.A., Navarro F.P., M. de la Fuente J.
Tuning direct bandgap GeSn/Ge quantum dots’ interband and intraband useful emission wavelength: Towards CMOS compatible infrared optical devices
Baira M., Salem B., Madhar N.A., Ilahi B.
Nanolaminated FeCoB/FeCo and FeCoB/NiFe soft magnetic thin films with tailored magnetic properties deposited by magnetron sputtering
Hida R., Falub C.V., Perraudeau S., Morin C., Favier S., Mazel Y., Saghi Z., Michel J.-P.
Combined ToF-SIMS and AFM protocol for accurate 3D chemical analysis and data visualization
Moreno M.A., Mouton I., Chevalier N., Barnes J.-P., Bassani F., Gautier B.
Hybrid ultrasound-MR guided HIFU treatment method with 3D motion compensation
Celicanin Z., Manasseh G., Petrusca L., Scheffler K., Auboiroux V., Crowe L.A., Hyacinthe J.-N., Natsuaki Y., Santini F., Becker C.D., Terraz S., Bieri O., Salomir R.
An on demand macaque model of mesial temporal lobe seizures induced by unilateral intra hippocampal injection of penicillin
Sherdil A., Chabardès S., Guillemain I., Michallat S., Prabhu S., Pernet-Gallay K., David O., Piallat B.
Multitechnique elemental depth profiling of InAlGaN and InAlN films
Mazel Y., Nolot E., Barnes J.-P., Charles M., Bouveyron R., Mrad M., Tempez A., Legendre S.
Electrical properties of metal/Al2O3/In0.53Ga0.47As capacitors grown on InP
Ferrandis P., Billaud M., Duvernay J., Martin M., Arnoult A., Grampeix H., Cassé M., Boutry H., Baron T., Vinet M., Reimbold G.
On the initial stages of solid state reactions in Ni/Sn-Ag solder system at 150–210?°C
Taneja D., Volpert M., Hodaj F.
Atom probe tomography for advanced nanoelectronic devices: Current status and perspectives
Barnes J.P., Grenier A., Mouton I., Barraud S., Audoit G., Bogdanowicz J., Fleischmann C., Melkonyan D., Vandervorst W., Duguay S., Rolland N., Vurpillot F., Blavette D.
Assessment of the growth/etch back technique for the production of Ge strain-relaxed buffers on Si
Hartmann J.M., Aubin J.
A convolutional neural network for sleep stage scoring from raw single-channel EEG
Sors A., Bonnet S., Mirek S., Vercueil L., Payen J.-F.
Grinding Lysis (GL): A microfluidic device for sample enrichment and mechanical lysis in one
Flaender M., den Dulk R., Flegeau V., Ventosa J., Delapierre G., Berthier J., Bourdat A.-G.
Compact modeling of nanoscale triple-gate junctionless transistors covering drift-diffusion to quasi-ballistic carrier transport
Oproglidis T.A., Karatsori T.A., Barraud S., Ghibaudo G., Dimitriadis C.A.
Improvement of Sidewall Roughness of Submicron SOI Waveguides by Hydrogen Plasma and Annealing
Bellegarde C., Pargon E., Sciancalepore C., Petit-Etienne C., Hugues V., Robin-Brosse D., Hartmann J.-M., Lyan P.
Development and adhesion characterization of a silicon wafer for temporary bonding
Montméat P., Enot T., Enyedi G., Pellat M., Thooris J., Fournel F.
Toward optimized SiOCH films for BTEX detection: Impact of chemical composition on toluene adsorption
Sabahy J.E., Berthier J., Ricoul F., Jousseaume V.
Innovative soft magnetic multilayers with enhanced in-plane anisotropy and ferromagnetic resonance frequency for integrated RF passive devices
Falub C.V., Bless M., Hida R., Medu?a M., Ammann A.
High-performance silver-dielectric interference filters for RGBIR imaging
Frey L., Masarotto L., Melhaoui L.E., Verrun S., Minoret S., Rodriguez G., André A., Ritton F., Parrein P.
LDA Lattices Without Dithering Achieve Capacity on the Gaussian Channel
Di Pietro N., Zemor G., Boutros J.J.
Variance component analysis to assess protein quantification in biomarker validation: Application to selected reaction monitoring-mass spectrometry
Klich A., Mercier C., Gerfault L., Grangeat P., Beaulieu C., Degout-Charmette E., Fortin T., Mahé P., Giovannelli J.-F., Charrier J.-P., Giremus A., Maucort-Boulch D., Roy P.
Electrical characterization of vertically stacked p-FET SOI nanowires
Cardoso Paz B., Cassé M., Barraud S., Reimbold G., Vinet M., Faynot O., Antonio Pavanello M.
Series resistance in different operation regime of junctionless transistors
Jeon D.-Y., Park S.J., Mouis M., Barraud S., Kim G.-T., Ghibaudo G.
Are existing standard methods suitable for the evaluation of nanomedicines: Some case studies
Gioria S., Caputo F., Urbán P., Maguire C.M., Bremer-Hoffmann S., Prina-Mello A., Calzolai L., Mehn D.
A 15-mV Inductor-Less Start-up Converter Using a Piezoelectric Transformer for Energy Harvesting Applications
Martinez T., Pillonnet G., Costa F.
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