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Research Platform

 CLINATEC Platform

Clinatec develops new treatments, diagnostics and research methods for applications in oncology, neurodegenerative disease and spinal-cord injury.

Published on 21 June 2023


Treating neurological diseases and restoring motor functions

Clinatec* brings together multi-disciplinary experts specializing in micro &nanosystems, from clinicians and biologists to technologists. Clinatec fast tracks the development and validation of new therapeutic and palliative solutions.

A unique biomedical research center in the world, Clinatec features an operating room and rooms for welcoming patients participating in clinical trials. Adjoining CEA-Leti's white rooms, the platform relies on experts in micro and nanotechnologies to design innovative miniaturized communicating devices. They meet statutory health requirements from their inception, including active implantable devices (class 3). 

Collaboration with partners includes all or part of the development process, such as co-designing, developing, tests, preclinical assessments, and clinical trials.

​What are the platform’s flagship projects?

• Restoring motor functions: thought-controlled exoskeleton using a cerebral implant that records neurological activity (world first, 2019)
• Therapeutic approaches based on low-level laser therapy for Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and diabetes 
• Epilepsy regulation using localized intracerebral cooling

​Cutting edge preindustrial equipment

• Design and system integration laboratories in clean rooms 
• Biology laboratories for histology, cell culture, proteomics 
• Preclinical test platform with a 4.7 T MRI, operating and behavioral study room 
• Clinical platform with an operating suite and intra-operative MRI, mobility room, and a range of medical imaging devices 

How to work with Clinatec?

CEA-Leti’s Clinatec teams support partners throughout all development stages via bilateral contracts or shared laboratories. The platform works with more than a dozen academic and industrial partners. Among them are the Grenoble-Alpes university hospital, EPFL, Boston Scientific, Onward, Remedee Labs, INRIA, and the Vaudois university Hospital Center.

> Find here Clinatec's latest press kit.

*Clinatec, Edmond J. Safra biomedical research center, is a quadripartite structure composed of the CEA, Fonds de dotation Clinatec, Grenoble-Alpes University Hospital and Grenoble-Alpes University.


  • Design, integration, preclinical tests and assessments   
  • Algorithms for closed-circuit biosignal processing

  • Clinical assessments


  • 6,000 m2 of laboratories and hospital setting

  • 70 doctors and research engineers

  • 10 Theses&Post-docs/year

  • 65 patents

  • 28 M€ of cumulated investments


  • Fondation Edmond J. Safra, Fonds de Dotation Clinatec, Fonds européens, Institut Carnot-Leti, ANR, Fondation Leenaards


  • CEA Grenoble, Leti Institute