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Research Platform

Micro-nano technology for health

​​The 5,500 sq. m nano-biotechnology platform deploys a full range of medical systems development know-how from sample surface preparation, biological analysis and substrate functionalization to packaging, microfluidics, microsystems, biological detection systems and component readers.

Published on 22 May 2023


Empowering the medical leaders of tomorrow

The platform designs devices for 5P medicine: personalized, preventive, predictive, participative, and pertinent. It also develops new technologies for bioproduction, exposome analysis, and the pharmaceutical industry.

Over 150 experts are developing technologies for analyzing living organisms based on the "One Health" approach. They implement sensors, imagers, and actuators to interact with living organisms, as well as microfluidic circuits capable of preparing and characterizing biological samples while minimizing volumes taken.

The platform supports partners ranging from small businesses to major groups as their products reach industrial maturity. It also integrates regulatory frameworks (compliance by design) which are essential to carrying out clinical trials and rapid industrial transfers.

What expertise do industrial partners receive?

• Identifying new uses, designing innovating devices to access new biological parameters according to a “One Health” approach; 
• Micro and nanotechnologies, manufacturing processes for industrial formats; 
• Minimizing the size and consumption of devices, optimizing their computing power, cybersecurity; 
• Methodological and regulatory framework in a “Medical Device” environment;

CEA-Leti is part of the Hub4Aim effort, in close collaboration with JBT HubUp, the Grenoble Centre d' Investigation Clinique - Innovation Technologique (CIC-IT) and Grenoble Alpes University.

​Cutting edge preindustrial equipment

• Micromanufacturing: micromachining, laser cutting, and hot forming 
• Surface chemistry: Plasma-functionalizing surfaces 
• Platform for reference medical devices: encephalogram (EEG), Electrocardiograph (ECG), Neuro-illumination – Near Infra Red (NIR), Blood pressure, pulse wave, etc. 
• Optical benches: Brillouin and Raman spectroscopes, phase microscopy, lense-less microscopy.

How to work with
the platform?

CEA-Leti’s teams support the needs of its industrial partners across all stages of development, using bilateral contractors or shared laboratories. The platform includes more than 25 partners.

Video: How can we better mimic the physiology of a human organ to support the medicine of the future?

  • Point-of-care technological systems
  • Microfluidics and organ-on-chips
  • Bioproduction
  • Exposome analysis

  • 1,700 m² of cleanroom and laboratory space
  • 150 research engineers
  • 25 patents filed each year

  • CEA-Leti, CEA-IRIG