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Integrated Circuits Design Platform


Published on 29 August 2023



Unique in Europe, a research hub dedicated to the advanced design of integrated circuits, from silicon to packaging.​

The Integrated Circuits Design Platform brings together more than 170 research engineers at the CEA Grenoble site. It develops for its industrial partners advanced digital, analog, mixed-signal and radio-frequency (RF) circuits with innovating architectures, technologies and performances especially in terms of low power consumption. 

The IC Design Platform’s scope of intervention covers all aspects of design, from silicon substrates to advanced packaging. Relying on foundry technological solutions and services to manufacture its circuits, CEA-Leti resources are used to characterize and validate prototypes as part of its R&D mission to secure and accelerate the subsequent industrialization process. 

The platform features state-of-the-art computer-aided design (CAD) software and equipment, enabling design, hardware emulation and electrical characterization. It collaborates with CAD software suppliers to create new products adapted to emerging technologies. The scope of its activities and expertise make it a design center without equal in Europe.

What expertise is provided to industrial partners?

• System study (hardware and software, signal processing) and specifications
• Advanced electrical architectures: feasibility, implementation
• Designs for digital, analog, and mixed-signal circuits and systems on chip
• Verification and emulation of elementary functions and systems
• Manufacturing of digital, analog, mixed-signal, or RF circuit prototypes
• Industrial pre-qualification, initial yield assessments
• Test engineering (implementation of test environment, hardware and software)
• Testing, characterization and applicative validation

Cutting edge pre-industrial equipment

• Front-end and back-end CAD license suites for all digital, analog, and mixed-signal flows (Siemens-EDA, Cadence, Synopsys, Keysight, etc.)
• High-capacity computing farm
• Advantest V93000 industrial tester (ATE) 
• Equipment pool for RF, analog, and digital test
• State-of-the-art Siemens-EDA VELOCE STRATO emulator 
(over 200 million gates)

How to work with the platform?

Who is the platform for?
Microelectronics foundries
Microelectronics fabless companies
Equipment suppliers using integrated circuits 
Software and CAD providers 

Collaboration methods:
Bilateral R&D partnership contracts 
Joint laboratories 
Research programs



  • Digital integrated circuits, multi-core processors

  • Analog, RF, and mmW integrated circuits

  • Mixed integrated circuits​

  • Next generation memory circuits

  • Neuromorphic circuits, cybersecurity, etc.


  • 2500 m²
  • 175 researchers
  • About 35 patents a year
  • Portfolio of 350 patents
  • About 80 publications per year
  • 22 M€ cumulated investments
  • 50+ industrial partners


  • Grenoble, CEA-Leti and CEA-List institutes