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3D Technology Bricks

​Custom your IC Design & Architecture with an easy-to-play 3D kit

Published on 19 April 2023

3D Technology Bricks

CEA-Leti offers state-of-the-art technology bricks using 200 & 300mm industrial tools to enable 3D high performance applications: from computing, telecommunication to heterogeneous technologies

High aspect ratio TSVs
CEA-Leti’s offers strong expertise in high aspect ratios TSVs, including: 

  •  via-mid TSVs with a diameter in the range of 10-12μm for a height between 80 and 120μm with excellent electrical performances and filling demonstration 
  • new gen. of high density TSVs with diameter 1-2μm as well as high aspect ratio TSV last (AR>5)

Fine pitch copper pillars & assembly
Fine pitch interconnection is key to support 3D silicon stacking roadmaps. 
CEA-Leti offers: 
  • 20μm diameter (40μm pitch) μbumps and μpillars, including R&D to stabilize lower diameter interconnection process  
  • strong knowledge in thermocompression die-to-wafer stacking and related underfill technologies, including fine pitch interconnection

Fine pitch and beyond hybrid bonding
From design to fabrication and electrical characterization, CEA-Leti offers
various hybrid bonding solutions using full 300&200mm fabrication lines
including Known Good Dies:
  • wafer-to-wafer and die-to-wafer bonding technologies
  • multi-layer hybrid bonding techniques with fine connection pitches (<1μm) to support various technologies with high bandwidth
  • emerging bonding techniques and modules for next gen. of ultra-fine die alignment (<200nm)

Interposer stress management strategy 
CEA-Leti offers extensive expertise in the evaluation of stress issues within interposers:
  • TSVs induced stress
  • warpage control of large interposers
  • chip/package Interaction


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