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TV White Space, Wi-Fi for wide-open spaces

Leti, a CEA Tech institute, developed the world's first modem capable of providing broadband internet access in rural areas and developing countries, thanks to an innovative technology called TV White Space.​

Published on 6 September 2016

​The phase-out of analog TV broadcasting freed up frequency bands that can be used for wireless communications. Leti's new modem-presented at CES 2016-makes efficient use of this capacity to transmit data over long distances, both indoors and out. In open spaces, transmission distances can reach several kilometers.

​ "The main technical hurdle was to combine good spectral efficiency with low interference with adjacent bands. Generally, these two characteristics are mutually-exclusive," said a Leti researcher. Leti overcame this challenge, producing a demonstrator leveraging a new modulation technology whose performance exceeds what had previously been achieved using other technologies-effectively doubling the communication distances. The technology was selected for IEEE standard 1900.7, approved at the end of last year.

​ The TV White Space Modem could help close the digital divide by providing broadband internet access in poorly-served rural areas. It could also be useful in building communications networks for unive​​​rsity campuses and similar sites, for instance, or in certain countries where DSL access is unavailable.

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