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CEA-Leti and UnitySC Announce Further Development To Fuel Industry 4.0 with Smarter Tools

Published on 10 July 2019

SAN FRANCISCO – July 10, 2019 – Leti, a research institute of CEA Tech, and UnitySC, a wholly owned subsidiary of FOGALE Nanotech Group and a leader in inspection and metrology solutions for advanced semiconductor packaging, today announced a four-year extension of their collaboration to further advance metrology-inspection capabilities per tool, while reducing the tools’ footprint and cost of ownership. 

CEA-Leti and UnitySC have been working on the development of a metrology-inspection platform for the past four years. The initial targeted applications were 3D integration modules, specialty bonding, and CMP. So far, the collaboration has helped advance UnitySC’s system from a tabletop tool to a fully automated 200-300 mm Swiss Army knife-like platform that has shown very good performance during the validation phase. Today, UnitySC and CEA-Leti extend this collaboration to finalize the improvement of the platform and enhance its application space.  

The extended collaboration also will address smarter tools for Industry 4.0. CEA-Leti and UnitySC will specifically work towards improving the platform’s ease of use and reliability, enhancing the multi-sensor approach of today’s tools, and bringing intelligence to the platform by adding innovative artificial intelligence (AI) approaches. 

This new generation of the platform, announced during SEMICON West, will allow users to tackle several control problems on different applications. These include buried interface defects on Si and GaN, and SiC edge defectivity control, as well as etch and roughness, bonded wafers and chip-to-wafer alignment, among others.

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