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Published on 2 October 2020

Addressing the Challenges of Semiconductor Spin Qubits

To implement its solid silicon-based technology expertise in the quantum sphere, CEALeti has, as of January 2021, a diversely skilled team of more than 50 people working on quantum development, with a large portion holding doctorates and post-doctoral qualifications. Read more

​Remaining challenges : Quibit Wiring - Cryogenic Electronics

To perform universal computation with qubits, it’s necessary to have individual control of each and every qubit within an array of qubits. Such arrays of qubits are conceptually analogous to arrays of pixels, like those in CCD sensors or memory arrays. Thus, any practical quantum computing model could take advantage of existing know-how for addressing pixels within an array to control qubits on a large scale. Read more

Remaining challenges : Cryogenic Integration - System-Level Low-Temperature Design

While the advances in basic cryo-CMOS capabilities are exciting, their successful application in practical systems will also require new capabilities in cryogenic packaging. To this end, CEA-Leti is leveraging its state-of-the-art 3D packaging line to develop novel silicon interposers that can be used to assemble quantum dies and their accompanying electronic controllers. Read more

Contact : Maud Vinet

Quantum Computing Program Director

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