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Published on 25 October 2023

A unique interface between patients and the medical industry

  • CEA-Leti  began its work in the health sector in the 1980s, focusing on technologies used in X-ray and gamma imaging systems (scanners, PET scanners). It has since widened its focus to include technologies for diagnosis and monitoring, well-being, nanomedicine and implanted medical devices. CEA-Leti relies on its own technology platforms and on qualified, specialized subcontractors. All parties operate in compliance with the regulatory requirements applicable to medical devices.

  • The ISO 13485 approach is implemented for every project from design stage onwards, enabling qualified prototypes to be built for deployment in clinical trials. This mobilises the know-how of biomedical research center Clinatec, which has the necessary medical infrastructure (beds, operating rooms, etc.). Founded by Professor A. L. Benabid and former CEA Grenoble's CEO Jean Therme, Clinatec works closely with the Grenoble-Alpes University Hospital (CHU).

  • CEA-Leti works with the major stakeholders in the medical field and with patient associations to develop innovative solutions to public health issues. Its aim is to put individuals at the heart of projects. These technological solutions — communication devices that securely transfer data — make it possible to perform accurate, continuous monitoring to assist medical teams in selecting treatments. This development is laying the foundations of precision or so-called personalized medicine, which is a means of providig treatment specific to each patient. CEA-Leti therefore plays a unique role as interface between patients and industrial stakeholders in the medical field.

Converting concepts into manufacturable prototypes right up to clinical testing in strict compliance with health and safety regulations. For further step, in order to accelerate innovation for MedTech industry,

Hub4aim has an unique proposal to manage the preindustrial phase from the proof of concept to regulatory marking.

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