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Published on 18 April 2023

Standalone, wireless, battery-free switch

   What is SELF-e?

SELF-e helps switches generate their own energy using energy harvesting, which recovers mechanical energy, that is placed inside. Switches can then wirelessly control electrical equipment in a building, such as lighting and blinds. This technology reduces the environmental impact and eliminates any kind of maintenance (such as changing batteries), including in real estate management.

   What's new?

This perfectly compact disruptive technology is possible thanks to a new energy recovery concept providing an energy density that is twice as high as competing devices, and which improves the sturdiness, range, and safety of communications between the switch and electrical equipment being controlled.

SELF-e includes the following performance:
  • 1.2 mJ reach / 750 μJ on the industrial version
  • Highest energy density (×3 compared to competitors)
  • Energy density is twice as high as that found in competing devices

  Tech inside

Based on magnetic attraction-repulsion phenomena between a central magnet and magnetic launchers, the energy recovery element operates wirelessly, reducing associated mechanical impacts and sound effects. The energy recovery element is associated with an advanced operating mechanism that triggers the system regardless of its initial position and of the key that is touched. Finally, the unit integrates easily and discretely into different device ranges in the Legrand brand, without modifying their design or installation requirements.

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