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Defense & Space Industries

Defence & Space Industries

Leti's state of the art technological systems guarantee the success of projects in the defence sector and the space industry.
Leti’s expertise and cutting-edge technology platforms are valued assets for these industries.
Published on 22 January 2020

20 years experience in defence and space 

Leti places its experience at the service of the defence and space industries through its cutting edge technological hubs and systems skills.

  • Defence
Joint research in infrared imager arrays enabled industrial partner Sofradir to become a world leader in the field.
Our RMN magnetometers transferred to Crouzet (now Thalès Avionics) currently equip ATL-2 marine patrol aircraft.  

  • Space
For almost 25 years, Leti has been active on the space industry market in close cooperation with France's national space research center CNES  and the European Space Agency

Examples of Leti's work include:

- Development of bolometers (detectors used for studying EM radiation) for the PACS camera installed on the Herschel satellite, in close cooperation with the CEA's Astrophysics Department
        - Production of absolute magnetometers ensuring the success of the Oersted, Champ and Swarm space missions
        -  Supply of RF microswitches, which are now being qualified on the Athena Fidus satellite.